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managed by the designer mastermind Japan Japan street legends mastermind Japan recently released 2016 summer series modeling lookbook, with a complete series of declared return to the glory of the skull. Mastermind Japan in the new season series bring T-shirt, shirt, sweater, jacket, trousers, dresses and accessories and other single product, contains all men's and women's clothing choices for different collocation needs to provide a variety of options; color in addition to the classic black and white and blue, green and red dot the demonstration, design is to mastermind Japan logo letters around expansion, low profile among show regression Street king of glory. mastermind Japan's return to or mixed. On the one hand, the price is really not understand, almost no longer willing to spend 400 dollars to buy a simple letter tee; on the other hand the future mastermind Japan joint finally won't be questioned. After enjoying the full shape Lookbook, the strength of the players may wish to start feeling. recently, Adidas Originals announced 2011 spring summer Stan Smith 80s Lux Stingray pearl fish leather shoes. The Adidas Originals is covered with shoes like pearl skin markings, and uses an outdoor metal shoelace buckle to boost tide levels. It is expected to be available in March 2011. [page] subtitle #e#; [page] subtitle #e#; [page] subtitle #e# day brand Deluxe, 2011 spring and summer suede leather Cheap jordans online boots, Unionmade joint leather shoes custom brand, Alden introduced limited work boots comments on last article: "day brand" Deluxe 2011 spring summer suede leather boots next article: Unionmade joint leather shoes custom brand Alden launched limited work boots The High-End branch of by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto Y3 has been in charge of the Adidas. Which belongs to the avant-garde design. The fine work has been well received by the trendsetter welcome. Now we can see that the new shoes --Honjas Hi. is the bridge thing. Look forward to more color version of the.Enjoy.Nike Cour Force BasicNike November new book comments on last article: Nike Cour Force Basic next: Nike November new reservation although 14-15 season just ended not long, but many brands have begun to be fully prepared for its signature star next season boots. Following morning just exposed the Olympic Park to create a third generation of signature shoes video and in the afternoon he released Adidas is John Wall launched J wall activity 2 copies, although there is no physical map, but shoes look we can be clear at a glance, shoe technology only a description of the quick outsole, rest and do not introduce, but will be the first in September listed, No. S84963 black and red color, and no too long Luo, the shoes price of yen; 999. We'll continue to report on the latest news about shoes. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to jordan shoes online sale download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Songjie& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, Nike announced it would cut some of the poor performance of the brand. The company also said first-quarter revenue growth as well as future orders increase the company's net income for the quarter grew by 51%. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this quarter, the company's total revenue increased 11 percent to $ 4.7 billion, net income reached $ 569.7 million. Second-tier brands only income $ 628 million, while the company's long-term plans that did not have enough contributions to the company brand will become the object of an important consideration. It has been determined to be clipped brands include hockey brand Nike Bauer Hockey, while others are still under consideration as well as brand Converse, Nike Golf, Exeter and Hurley. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike is not optimistic about prospects for the US market, which can be obtained from the plight of competitors Foot Locker and Finish Line in retailing experienced some enlightenment . This quarter, Nike's sales in the United States increased by only 2%, and up to 7.3% is expected. However, Nike performance air jordan 11 space jam for sale in overseas markets is very good, the company sales growth in Europe, especially Britain, while sales in the Asia-Pacific region has achieved sustained growth, especially China. survey showed that to cut down on smoking or quit smoking smokers, through exercise such as jogging to overcome want to suck the desire for a cigarette. , British researchers on 19 clinic test data analysis found that exercise can help to quit smoking reduced the desire for nicotine. However, it is unclear why exercise can reduce cravings. in the experiment, researchers at Britain's University of Exeter to smokers were randomly assigned to "exercise group" and "passive group", and demanded motion group engaged in brisk walking or biking, passive group is watching a video or just sit quietly. results showed that the participants have said, after the activity the desire to smoke less than before. published in "addiction" journals, this study said the nicotine replacement products will reduce smoking, will make the effect of exercise is not obvious. But the subjects are not involved in a smoking cessation program, or use like chewing gum like nicotine patches. researchers pointed out that despite the fact that exercise is beneficial in smokers to stop smoking completely is not clear but movements can be distracting, and active exercise to improve mood, so that they don't feel the need to smoke to make yourself comfortable. source: pu Cheap air jordans for sale blic network[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] calm a little time, the domestic apparel industry, but also because a consolidation scandal was ignited. Recently, the "China's economy and information technology," the magazine quoted the chairman Xu Jing Nan Olympic sports news that Li Ning Olympic intentionally recombinant things began two years ago, but was Li Ning, the company refused. However, Li Ning and Peak are clarified denied. "The company not associated with any company restructuring and acquisition activities in any negotiations and consultations, without showing any written or oral reach consensus and agreement will remain focused on the company's future is to enhance the competitiveness of products and brand awareness." Olympic official micro clarification. "About two years ago really talked about that, but when the chairman of the investment bank is in private contact with the talks, the Olympic-related investment bank raised the idea, but did not contact with Li Ning." Pick insiders, "These investment banks including joint investment investors Peak and Li Ning. He proposed am always the same two international goals of integration and restructuring of companies may, while the Chinese market is in need of a truly larger, stronger companies Once the consolidation pattern Chinese sportswear market will have a significant impact, which is conducive to development of the industry, to avo cheap jordans id vicious competition. " internationalization of the differences Pick the internal official pointed out, that time, the domestic share of the boss has done Li Ning really want to do international, and Olympic time international has done more in-depth, and therefore feel that the integration aspect Olympic ideal , pushing into effect once produced obvious. "However, Li Ning select a strategic investor later US private equity fund TPG and GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Limited) invested 750 million yuan, and not to cooperate with peers, equal Xu was a direct negation of the idea of ??the proposal." Turning had hoped cooperation of the mind, the source said, the foreign dealers in different patterns and China, is not only a brand stores, but multi-brand multi-category, if Baotuan attack, will be able to expand well enrich the entire product line, pushing brand portfolio effects. Positive impact advantage in the selection and development of space overseas distributors, while in the domestic market, the two brands together will control the domestic market order. As frequently broke this year, Li Ning, the company's operating predicament and business restructuring, the cooperation had been optimistic about the prospects seem increasingly remote. "Li Ning began to shrink international fronts, specializing in the domestic market. This is equivalent to, and when we had to discuss the emergence of d cheap air jordans online eviation compared strategic More importantly, after Li Ning now mode conversion, the beginning and as the main Olympic basketball Business Adjust this development into a center of gravity is equal to our direct competition, and complementary respective core strategic brands have lost. " Compared with the international strategic contraction Li Ning, the Olympic was being "high profile" international, and does not exclude acquisitions. "Pick of the Integrated Development does not consider the homogenization of the enterprise, the other party must do the international market, which is a very important criterion in the international arena and we are looking for the right partner, hoping to one another in business help enhance competitiveness, but in fact is not a small challenge, in addition to differences in the business models, and overseas brands have difficulty in the integration of corporate culture. "The source pointed out. "initial internationalization difficult, some of the old staff have gone no confidence even when we listed in Hong Kong, HKEx staff refused to & quot;. In order to create an international brand for the purpose & quot; write on it, In fact, I know it is worried will buy. "Olympic chairman Xu Jing Nan recently in an interview with reporters, said," If you have the right, we have an open mind. premise is complementary resources, is conducive to the Olympic internationalization. " The passage of time, the current Olympic has the United States, Canada, Iraq, Iran, more than 70 countries and regions, with a total of 40 international distributors and more than 200 stores. Olympic sports brand in the domestic market performance is not the best, but Jingnan think this does not affect the internationalization strategy. "Any time a chance. We are not with Nike and Adidas to grab the market, there are second and third tier foreign brands, can be positioned in the high-end." industry urgently integrate Although Li Ning, Olympic has been clarified and things just good wishes, but in the Olympic opinion, the domestic sporting goods market after a decade of rapid expansion, has come to a period of adjustment. "and other industries, mergers and acquisitions industry is a trend the future, brand, product R & D resources will be further concentrated to the Olympic brand and other advantages, fewer resources, research and development ability, the strength of the less fortunate enterprise channels, will will be out in this round of adjustment. Moreover, the future of industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions may be worldwide, not necessarily limited to the country. "Xu Jing Nan said in an interview with reporters. Xu Jing Nan said that the internationalization process if the right acquisition target can discuss. "Once the brand AND1 talked about cooperation with the United States, failed to reach the final because we want global agency, they are only willing to give, since it is the internationalization of China region, and certainly not satisfied with only domestic domestic contraction, foreign countries also have the opportunity to . " "There are already people in other countries take the initiative to seek them want to become our distributor of." Xu Jing Nan said, "We hope that in five years stationed in 100 countries and regions, and the recruitment of 100 dealers, for over 10 years so that overseas revenue reached 10 billion yuan. This is not big, you want a dealer to do 100 million, would be ideal. " According to the Olympic insiders, Jingnan working with two well-known Canadian agent RMP Athletics and Indeka Group negotiations, the two companies as a brand agency have more than 20 brands, and with Canada, such as the size of the front of the sports chain footlocker, Champs and other cooperation. If successful on to the next, Peak product or will cover the Canadian market. By the end of 2011, Pick overseas earnings 9.9% total sales revenue of 4.65 billion yuan; 2012 will be accounted for 15-20%. 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